Tourist Destinations
Catania has plenty to offer every tourist. Discover its beauty.
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Tourist Destinations
Catania has plenty to offer every tourist. Discover its beauty.

In 2002, Catania city centre was welcomed to be part of the UNESCO heritage. This, due to its many monuments, regarded of high historic and cultural importence..

The patron saint, Saint Agatha, is venerated. Occasion of his feast (February 3 to 5) his relics are carried in procession from the Cathedral, where they are normally kept.

Catania University is the oldest island, having been founded in 1434.

Among the many famous people who were born in Catania, we remember the composer Vincenzo Bellini and the writer Giovanni Verga, whose genius gave birth to one of the masterpieces of Italian literature: I Malavoglia.

The city of Catania twins with Phoenix in the United States of America, Grenoble in France, and Ottawa in Canada.

Here is a brief list of must-see touristic destinations: 

Archaeology: Roman Aqueduct, Greek Theatre, Roman Amphitheatre, Odeon, Terme della Rotonda, Spa address, Achelliane Baths, Roman Baths and the Acropolis of Catania, Church and Hypogeum Sant'Euplio, Roman Forum, Hypogeum Square.

Architecture: Cathedral, Seminary of the Clerics, Palace Platamone, Ursino Castle, Port Charles, Port Uzeda Church of St. Agatha in Prison, to the Village Church of St. Agatha, St. Agatha Church of La Vetere, Fontana di Sant'Agata Church of St. Mary of Jesus, Town Hall, Church of Santa Chiara, Santa Maria di Loreto House and Aid, Church of the Holy Trinity Benedictine Monastery, Church of St. Benedict, St. Nicholas Church, Church St. Francis el 'Immaculate Church of San Giuliano di San Biagio Church, Church of the Child, Collegiate, University Palace, Badia di Sant'Agata, Port Ferdinandea (Garibaldi), Teatro Bellini, Palazzo delle Poste, Bellini, Palace Justice Biscari Palace, Church of San Gaetano Caves, Seminar of the Clerics, Confraternity of the Whites, Monument to Cardinal Dusmet, Crociferi Street.

Museums, libraries and archives: museum during the Sicily landings, Cinema Museum, Library Provincial Art Gallery, Exhibition ancient maps - The Collection Gumina, Frank Trincale collection of storytellers, permanent exhibition of vintage radio studio Museum, Museum of Paleontology, University of botanical museums house-museum "Giovanni Verga", Bellini Civic Museum, Museum of Zoology, Museum of the Castello Ursino Museum "Emilio Greek."

Territory nature and landscape: Simeto Oasis, Villa Bellini, Villa Pacini, Ulysses' Caves, La Playa, La Scogliera.

Festivals and folklore: Feast of St. Agatha, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, St. Rita Festival, Tour of 'Etna Association "F.lli Napoli". 

Cuisine and sweet: The most representative dishes are pasta alla Norma, dressed with a sauce of eggplant, or Ripidadu snow, a mound of rice with squid ink, decorated on top with tomato sauce and ricotta, clearly symbolizing the top Etna, snow-covered and ignited by lava flows. Maccu, "Minne Sant'Agata, Sicilian Cassata, Cannoli, Olivette di Sant'Agata, Almond Granita also eaten for breakfast, accompanied by a croissant. 

Symbol of local cuisine are the arancini, small rice timbales ovoid, enclosing a core of meat sauce and fried, after being breaded. Fish is the protagonist of the table Catania, especially oily fish, which participates in the homemade pasta sauces.


Via del Rotolo 44 / 46
Pal. A / Scala B
95126 Catania
TEL. (+39) 0952882607
FAX. (+39) 0952882642
MOB. (+39) 3207907845
Via del Rotolo 44 / 46
Building A / Scale B
95126 - Catania
Italy, Sicily
TEL. (+39) 0952882607

FAX (+39) 0952882642

CELL. (+39) 3207907845

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